Didgeridoo Lessons

Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

Personalised didgeridoo lessons from Beginner to Advanced.​

Lessons are tailored completely to the individual needs as every student is coming at this process with varying levels of experience and skill.

Circular Breathing

Sure, learning to circular breathe can be a challenge, however with the right instruction and in a supportive space, can be learned in as little as 10 minutes.

Each student will receive a set of simple exercises, showing them exactly what to practice to get the continuous / circular breath happening.  Whilst a student may learn to circular breath within the first 10 minutes, it then takes some regular practice to solidify this breathing onto the didgeridoo as a reliable and continuous sound. The length of this process depends entirely on the individual. 

After Circular Breathing 

Once a player has mastered the art of circular breathing (that is, the breathing is automated, without focusing on trying to keep the circular breath going) they can then move on to other elements of playing.


Rythms give the playing more depth, and produce a regular beat through saying different syllables with the mouth and tongue.

Animal Noises

Different syllables, mouth shapes and tongue movements, ​allow the player to make the sounds of different animals.  Eg, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Dingo, Crocodile, Snake, Fish, Boomerang, etc.

What You Get:

Lessons go for an hour of in person time (either by video link up, or in person) , followed up with a printout of detailed exercises of all the material taught in the lesson.

How to Book in:

If you want more information, or to book a lesson, please click on the link to the right, or give Aaron a call on the number shown.

Online didgeridoo circular breathing lessons
didgeridoo circular breathing lessons

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